Exams are stressful and there’s no denying that
by Daisy, a Young Healthwatch Volunteer

Everyone knows the lead up to exams is stressful. However many exams you have coming up, you will get stressed – unless you have superpowers! I am currently doing my A levels, and I have 6 final exams in May. Whether you have 20 exams for GCSEs or one exam, it’s important to take time out for yourself.

Personally, I find revising everyday to be helpful. It may be different for other people, however make sure you revise more than just the night before the exam cramming! I get home from sixth form at 6:40 so I usually start revision at 7 and finish around 10.

Exams are stressful and there’s no denying that, but finding a way to de-stress during exam season is really important. During my GCSEs, netflix was my best friend. I rewarded myself by watching netflix. For every hour of revision I did, I got to watch 30 minutes of netflix. It  helped me to make sure I was doing the right amount of revision for me.

Ultimately, exam results are important but that shouldn’t be your main priority. If you find your mental health slipping a bit, take some time off. If your getting really stressed, have a break! Self-care is essential particularly in exam season. If you have exams soon, good luck!

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