Adjusting to Lock Down Rules

Kate’s 2nd blog shows how she is facing the reality of lock down.

In my last blog I was fairly upbeat about the new situation. Despite being scared and worried for my family, I was still trying to be positive. However, as the weeks have gone on it’s becoming a lot harder.

Firstly, we have school or lack of school depending on how you look at it. In the first couple of weeks the work load was very manageable. I was even able to find a lot of spare time to do some things I enjoy. I even learnt how to solve a rubix cube which I’ve been wanting to do for many years.

However, as the weeks went on teachers began to set masses of work, that I’m finding nearly impossible to complete. I will admit I get distracted by my phone a bit, but I’m working 7 days a week for many hours each day. Some days I’ve had to continue working up until 10pm just to get work done. I’m also beginning to struggle with the fact that half my teachers want work done on MS Word. For most people this is probably fine and normal for them, however I don’t have my own laptop to do my work on. Our home laptop doesn’t have MS Word on it so it is only my mum’s and sister’s laptops that I can work on. This is quite hard to do as my mum and sister obviously have work to do.

Secondly, adjusting to no horse riding and no netball has been very hard. I have an app that has all my netball matches planned on it. The other day when I got a notification that my match started in 2 hours I almost cried. Not being able to ride has been very hard as well. Riding for me is like a break from the outside world as you have to focus on your horse and not all the issues going on in your head. If I ever feel down I go for a ride and just forget it. I’ve been working on my pony’s fitness for about 2 years and he was really starting to come on, so to see all my work crumble away in front of me is really hard.

Horse being stroked on nose

Finally, not seeing my friends and family is tough. I wouldn’t say I’m the most sociable person ever but even I am missing being able to have a laugh with friends. I usually see my grandparents at least once a week so its really strange not being able to see them and only being able to facetime them.

I’m sure if we all stick together and follow all lock down rules we will get through the worst time in most of our lives.

Keep safe and wash your hands.

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