Living in a multi-generational household with vulnerable people

Ellie, one of our new young volunteers, shares her thoughts and feelings during this difficult time.

This quarantine and the general COVID-19 situation has hit me quite hard I think. Personally, I couldn’t care less about whether I get the virus or not because I’m almost certain I won’t die. I will (obviously) stay inside and protect myself from others and protect others from me. It all sounds quite simple except my Grandma (who is 87) lives with my family and me. It’s a struggle knowing although she is very healthy for her age that we could simply collect a parcel, go shopping etc and give her a deadly disease. My family is very small on my Dad’s side (quite literally only my grandma, dad, me and my brother), she is my only grandparent and best friend; I don’t know what I’d do without her especially losing her to something like this. 

My birthday is in just under a fortnight meaning I’ll be spending my 17th birthday alone, stuck in the house without being able to see my friends – I don’t really love birthdays anyway so it’s not a huge deal to me but knowing I physically cannot see my friends is a weird thing to comprehend, it also means I won’t be able to start driving – which I was really excited for, to be honest. As you probably know, year 11’s and year 13’s exams were cancelled and understandably this is hard on them, however, I feel it is not talked about quite how difficult it is for us in year 12. We are in the middle of our a-levels and missing a whole term of school work, having to teach ourselves and go back to school next year to sit our a-levels will become a whole lot harder. We will not understand the content as well as we should and I think our year group won’t do very well as a whole at our a-levels meaning most won’t get into universities they would like to apply to. I am not the smartest person but the uni I would like to go to wants BBB which is fairly difficult for me but I was ready to work for the grades, now I feel like there’s no point because after this I’d be lucky to get 3 C’s.

Not going into too much detail but I am kind of enjoying the staying at home, I get to work whenever I want (although my parents have set me and my brother a ‘school day’), get a bit of a lie-in and not have to see anyone I wouldn’t really want to. However, isolating ourselves from everyone is seriously harming on our mental health; for us in school I believe our mental health already isn’t that great and this really could affect us, along with everyone else, very badly. I can see the effects of this already in myself as well as friends, as much as it means to check in with each other, sometimes it feels easier to hide away. I understand everyone is feeling this way right now and it is a very hard situation to cope with – I would recommend if anyone reading this feels this way to simply talk to someone, as much as you don’t want to, it will help.  Lastly, I hope this hasn’t been too unhappy or just a bit more (possibly) scare-mongering but I hope everyone is staying as safe as possible and making sure they stay inside. I know some aren’t doing this and I simply do not know why – lives are being risked.


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