By Amy S, Young Healthwatch volunteer


Earlier this week I had my first appointment in a new department, in a new hospital. It was endocrinology. I have never been to this hospital, so it was a completely new experience, and I’m glad to say, it was a positive one. I arrived around 40 minutes early, so I was able to use the cafe to have a drink and take my medications, all the staff were very friendly.

I then headed over to the department, following the signs. I checked in at reception, and was given a feedback form to complete once I had finished with the appointment. I was promptly greeted by a nurse, who told me her name and asked me to do a urine sample. I was unable to do this as I was on period, and I felt very comfortable in telling the nurse this, and she responded brilliantly, saying that it was okay and I can do one at my next appointment. I had my height, weight and blood pressure done, then was told to sit outside the doctors room, to wait to be seen. The nurse came over with a bag for the urine sample pot, to make me more comfortable so nobody could see it.

The doctor then quickly called me in. I went into the appointment and the doctor listened and noted a very extensive list of symptoms, and didn’t disregard any of them, like some of my other doctors may have. He then proposed a plan, suggesting for me to be admitted for a morning and have a cannula inserted to complete a variety of tests. The doctor made me feel completely at ease with this, and ensured I knew everything about what was going to happen, explaining in detail. The doctor also told me to stop a medication,  in order to make the testing period more reliable.

These doctors and nurses made me feel so comfortable, and really listened to me. Being a new patient in a new department at a new hospital, I thought the experience was going to be very different, but it couldn’t have gone any better. The staff were all amazing, explaining everything to make sure I understood, and everyone was so kind-hearted. This whole process was so quick too, we were only there for 30 minutes from my appointment time, which is amazing! If you have an upcoming appointment that you are worried about, everyone at mine were very welcoming and reassuring, it made me feel completely at ease.

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