We are all into the second week of lockdown in the UK.

Susan Clarke, Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire volunteer, writes about her experience.

We are all into the second week of lockdown in the UK and I have found the necessity to build a completely new routine to my days.

I had begun to form a new routine, but have taken tips and advice from others – one being a friend of 78 who previously would have gone out each day, to yoga, to book club Y3A, etc., and from the Young Healthwatch  blog from Safa.

The elderly lady has made it her new routine to get dressed in her ‘going out’ clothes, complete with lipstick, before she has her breakfast with her husband.  She also said they have decided to dress better for Sunday lunch or a celebration day between themselves.  She maintains this will stop her slopping around in her nightwear, and she feels when dressed properly she can answer the phone with more conviction.

Safa’s blog was so emotional for me as she, along with so many others of her age, has had a terrible shock with the A levels cancelled, because so much hinged on it for her future.  I was so impressed with her faith and ability to rearrange her priorities putting hers’ and that of her family’s wellbeing above her loss and quickly putting in plan b.

If someone over 50 years younger than me, and another older lady can set examples, then I can take lessons from them.

From now on I will not think about mine and other’s losses, or what may have been, I am going to concentrate on today and adapt to this changing situation and make the best of it. 

There have been some good things arise, such as the thousands of volunteers, plus unsung volunteers like my neighbours, who have got me food and my prescription. 

Small and larger companies locally have diversified to the changing time, inasmuch as they offer new services which are needed and keep some people in employment.  The list of positive changes is continually evolving, and the sun is shining so let’s all appreciate the here and now.

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