School work when social distancing

George, one of our young volunteers, writes about the change of school at home and his advice on how to go about it….

Every student in the country has now been ordered to work from home. Despite the initial pleasure you may feel, it is an unprecedented and radical change to many young people’s lifestyle. The closure of schools marks the fragmentation of people’s every-day life, and it is therefore very important to approach this sensibly, to help conserve our mental state, and to ensure efficiency when learning in place of school lessons. But how should we go about this?


It is so important to try to keep to your school timetable as much as possible, so as to ensure that firstly you distribute enough of your time evenly to subjects in an equal and unbiased way (you shouldn’t just concentrate on your favourite subjects). This means that you will get all work set to you complete, and will be able to keep up with your school work. Even distribution of subjects also means you will not get bored of doing a single subject – imagine having a whole day of just English lessons!

When adhering to this schedule, it is also important to make sure that you get up at a relatively early time, and actually get changed. You may see this as a chore, but the mental implications of this are really important. It helps to establish a secure routine that you can keep to, to efficiently manage your time. If you stay in bed for half the day and do your work in a dressing gown then your informal attire will be reflected in your work.

You should work in a place where there are no distractions present, such as a quiet place in the house where you will not be disturbed.

School work

It is also important to regularly get up from wherever you chose to work, and to have a change of surroundings. If you do not do this you will quickly get bored of school work in general, and the quality of your work will be reduced. You should also include some physical exercise in your day, to keep your fitness up, although make sure you keep to the strict guidelines as set out by the government. As well as making you feel better, it also means that you at least have some sense of achievement while maintaining your form. Also make sure that when you do work, you are in a healthy posture. Work should also be interspersed with plenty of activities you find enjoyable, and activities that enable you to switch, like computer games, as this uses a different part of your brain.

Also try to keep in contact with your friends. This helps to increase your mood by talking to people you enjoy (especially if you are an only child).

If you take into account all this advice, you will find self-isolating easier to deal with in the long term.

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