Student Volunteering Week 2020 runs from 10th – 16th February. This is the 19th year that Student Volunteering Week is taking place.

Student Volunteering Week celebrates student volunteering in the following ways:

  1. Improves student wellbeing
  2. Develops students’ employability
  3. Contributes positively to the wider and local community life

This is a unique week-long opportunity where the whole of the country will be getting involved.

Some of our Young Healthwatch Volunteers have shared their reasons for volunteering with us:



My name is Daisy and I am 18 years old. I joined young Healthwatch just over a year ago. I am also a scout leader. I joined Young Healthwatch to try and improve the health and social care services across Central Bedfordshire, and to improve my experience ready for when I apply for University. I have now applied to university, and spoke about what I have done in my personal statement. I have gained invaluable skills from joining, and I believe that really helped with my application to university. I also think I have made a difference to the community, whilst also meeting an amazing group of people, who have inspired me greatly. If you are looking to join Healthwatch, I can 100% encourage you to do and can assure you you will gain so many skills and they will be invaluable to you!




I came to Young Healthwatch to get a social life because I don’t really have one. Hopefully this will not only help the community but also me, in terms of my personal growth. I also feel like young people making a difference in the community is something extremely positive because it shows a need and want for change.



Amy came to our school to give an assembly and I joined after. I joined to build confidence and to put it on my CV. I also want to gain more skills.


If you would like to hear more about volunteering with Young Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire, please contact Amy Eymor on 0300 303 8554 or

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