Susan would like to see preventative screening continued for older people


Susan is a dedicated volunteer with Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire and helps out with the Young Healthwatch. She would like to see preventative screening (such as cervical screening, mammograms and bowel cancer) continued for older people and feels they shouldn’t be stopped at a certain age.

“While I appreciate and support fully the many forms of preventative screening that are in place, I feel they shouldn’t be stopped at certain ages. Many people will of course decide for themselves they don’t want any more, but I feel it is age discrimination on those people who do still want to continue being monitored.”

Susan lives in the large market town Leighton Buzzard and thinks transport is an issue for local people travelling to hospitals in the area. She continued:

“Leighton Buzzard is growing at an alarming rate. There is no direct transport to most of the NHS hospitals or clinics that are now used by local people.

“I am aware of a few people who cannot continually afford the voluntary transport to places like Bedford, High Wycombe and Addenbrooks and consequently have refused further appointments. Could the NHS consider liaising with local bus authorities to have a direct bus to Milton Keynes Hopsital and also Luton and Dunstable?”

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