The struggle of being an A level student while worrying about the virus

Safa, Young Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire volunteer, let’s us know.

Wow, this year so far has been so fast moving and quite frankly mind blowing.

I started the year of having some great and realistic new year resolutions.

1. To exercise more often

2. To put my mind solely on my A levels

3. Start university 4. Eat more healthy

On Wednesday 18th March 2020 I found out the exams I have been preparing for over one and a half years have been cancelled. It was a shock to the system.

Nothing like this has ever happened.

I was really upset. The cancellation of my A level exams made me realise how big this Pandemic is. Unfortunately I had to socially distance myself from Wednesday as my father and grandma, who both live with me, have pre existing health conditions, which makes them susceptible to this virus.

This whole situation made me anxious, what grades will they give me?

Am I going to university this year?

How will my mum get hold of the essentials when the whole world is panic buying?

But I had to stop.

Thinking like this is not great for your health and well-being. So I took control of what I was feeling and changed my mind set.

Forget about what grades you will get forget about university.

Just concentrate on what you can do now.

So I made a daily routine.

1. Wake up at 8.30am, have a HEALTHY breakfast. (Remember to wash your hands constantly throughout the day.

2. Get some water and get ready for the Joe Wicks PE Lessons (9AM on YouTube).

3. Try your hardest and put your all into it.

4. Go and have a lovely warm shower.

5. Read a book or watch something educational or interesting. (I recommend this Netflix show called Self Made).

6. I like to do one of my hobbies for example, I’m trying to learn the guitar so I try to learn some new chords or practise what I have learnt.

7. Go and have a chat with your mum or dad or sibling or family member.

8. Make yourself a healthy lunch (my favourite is a spicy grilled chicken wrap with lettuce cucumber and sweetcorn).

9. Help you mum or dad out with chores around the house. (I usually clean the dishes, bathrooms, and then I like to clean and tidy my room up).

10. Get some work done. Although my A levels are cancelled I still write essays because you never know if your teachers will ask you for some evidence.

11. The rest is up to you.

Another thing I wanted to mention is, if you are 18+, you can sign up to the goodSAM app which is volunteering with the NHS to help those in need.

I know it’s a difficult time for us all but you have to stay positive. Spread some love and positivity

Stay safe


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