Why the UK is on ‘lockdown’

Valentina, one of our new young volunteers, shares her thoughts and feelings about this.

Due to recent events regarding the coronavirus, the UK has been put on ‘lockdown’.

Now, the reason I have put it in quotation marks is because you can hardly say the country went on ‘lockdown’ when people have still been going out living their life. I think they were under the impression that this is a holiday and should be taking this as an opportunity to relax and de-stress. Fortunately, Covid-19 doesn’t develop due to stress, therefore people shouldn’t really be attempting to relax.

It does however, spread through contact with other people and this is why social distancing and quarantine was advised.

Due to those people who didn’t take the Government’s advice seriously, the country is now on an actual lockdown. This is what it has come to, simply because people wouldn’t listen. Restrictions. It makes me feel almost like an animal, trapped in a cage. However, unlike an animal, I understand the importance and seriousness of this situation and I beg you to as well.

It is not everyone who hasn’t been following the Government’s advice but it’s the small amount of people who are making the difference between 5 infected people and 15…

I want to change that around and let us, those who are reading this, make an actual difference by spreading the importance of actually staying inside. Please tell all your friends, family and people in your community, work, school (via social media – remember social distancing) that they must stay inside.

To help you persuade them I have formulated a little QUARANTINE QUIZ that you can give them.

What do you do when you are very bored and have been stuck inside the house? Do you:

  1. Go outside and meet with your friends and not listen to the government
  2. Go in public place for no reason and not listen to the government
  3. Stay inside and watch Netflix or read and do what you have been told to help this go away

(answer is 3)

What simple task do you do before eating any meal, any day?

  1. Nothing. you dig into your scrumptious food without a care in the world.
  2. You splash your hands with some antibacterial gel (not remembering covid-19 is a virus)
  3. Wash your hands properly with soap, something we were taught since nursery.

(answer is 3)

What do you do when you hear/see someone outside in a group, not following the Government’s advice?

  1. Ignore them completely, it’s not your problem
  2. Go and join them, if they’re out why shouldn’t you be
  3. Contact them letting them know how dangerous it actually is for them so be outside and advise them to stay inside

(answer is 3)

As you can see the answers to this short quiz are quite simple, so it is very easy to realise what you should do. Now it must actually be done, in order for change to be made.

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