Young Healthwatch Project on Period Poverty


Members of Young Healthwatch were keen to develop a project to raise awareness of Period Poverty in schools and see how it truly is affecting the area of Central Bedfordshire. They also wanted to look at ways young people would feel more confident in school to access sanitary wear, to improve their resilience and look at what resources were available now ,and coming into the future.

Young Healthwatch sourced investigation via a survey online as well as talking to friends and peers at schools.

They were able to interview a key member of the medical profession along with a representative of the charity, The Red Box Project, which part inspired the desire for this project.

The results certainly raised questions that the Young Volunteers felt needed addressing, along with making some important recommendations for future plans for the provisions of sanitary wear in schools from the government.

For more information on this project, please read the project report:

BBC Reports on Government’s response to Period Poverty in Schools



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